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Ask Coach Judy Radio Show

“A Pay It Forward Show”


Purpose:  Providing Empowering Information and Knowledge by Experts, Authors,  Professionals, and Orgŕnizations for one to “Achieve Professional and or Personal Success.”


A show which is created by Paying It Forward and to be a venue for others who benefit when taking similar actions.


Sponsored by Crimson Cloak Publishing and airs on their website.

PWR Network Website also air’s the show through her blog on the site.


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Host: Coach Judy Romanoff has been interviewed by the media which includes International, National, and Local since 1990 by print, TV, Radio, Internet Radio prior to hosting her own show in 2002 -2007. Also produced a TV show 2008 which included a in studio audience. 2011 Hosted internet radio for 3 years.


Judy has been honored on a national and local level to including receiving a key to the city, and a hometown hero in Washington DC, Boca Raton and Boynton Beach Florida.  Her voluntary efforts to support Single Parent, led to including a Coach Judy Dental Makeover for the community, besides sponsoring Single Parent Family Day 1995 & 1997 in Boca Raton Fl. and founder of National Single Parent Resource Center.


Coach Judy’s efforts steam from Walking the Talk and the determination to turn negative into positive energy so others do not face similar challenges.

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