Crimson Cloak Radio

 Find Crimson Cloak Radio here weekly on Tuesdays.  Latest time will currently be no later than 1:30pm Central Standard Time, but the show will be LIVE whenever the guest can be here.

You can also listen in on your phone or tablet by downloading the Spreaker app and doing a search for Crimson Cloak.  You can FAVORITE it (with the star) and then it will always notify you on your phone when we are having a LIVE show.  It will even let you download or listen to them later.  Great app!

Some guests booked through the courtesy of

Ask Coach Judy segment with Judy Romanoff will air every week at 12:30pm Central/1:30pm EASTERN time

In The Spotlight with Cynthia MacGregor at 1:00pm Central/2:00pm EASTERN time.

Host Paula Roscoe will have her own show in the near future.  Keep an eye out on this spot for updated dates/times.

Register below for your own spot on our show!  Please remember, we only do TUESDAYS before 1:30 pm CENTRAL STANDARD TIME (USA). Via Skype. So be sure to add  The picture is the red cape from our logo.   Include your e-mail so Carly can get back with you.

Your Name:

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The time you'd LIKE to have (note, we only do Tuesdays 11:00am - 1:30pm Central time, for usually an hour.  If you want longer than an hour, schedule Noon or earlier.)