Lucille Lantz


Published by Crimson Cloak Publishing:


The oldest of seven children, Lucille is a mother and grandmother, and has been writing or telling stories since she was a little girl.   She is an avid gardener and yard sale shopper and lives in a tiny village in upstate New York.

Winner of the artdaisy short story contest for Jeremyís Journey:


Young Richie is concerned when daylight starts fading in the middle of the afternoon!  It isn't a power outage: what could it be?  Exploring, he finds other creatures as alarmed as he is: later he uses a computer to find out what has happened and learns about the phenomenon of a solar eclipse.

A charming tale of courage, self-sufficiency and helping others in the face of unexpected occurrences - and what fun it is to discover the fascinating reasons behind them!

The heart of The Button is the story of a family of Jewish immigrants appreciating the freedoms and opportunity in America.


The book is based on family stories and historical fact.  Children will learn about the history of the influx of  immigrants to the USA, in a story that will captivate and entertain, as they share the emotions that Maxine encounters.

The Lantz family has to leave Austria: the new Chancellor, Adolph Hitler, and his Nazi soldiers, have an intense hatred for Jews.  The family has to wait a long time to get the money for passports and boarding passes for passage to America. They and are forced to leave Grandma behind, later discovering she was taken to a concentration camp.


During the dreadful journey in steerage, Maxine befriends a lady travelling on one of the upper decks and finds a beautiful button which she is unable to return to her before they must leave the ship.


Who would have guessed that when Papa opens a tailor shop the mysterious button will reunite their family.


Little does Maxine know that button will become her future!


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Wiggins is a happy mailbox. He has a wonderful family who gets lots of cards, letters and packages. When the mailman puts the red flag up, Wiggins loves watching Suzy run out to see what mail he has brought her. As the years pass, Suzy grows up and moves away. Eventually no one is left to decorate his mailbox through the holidays or make repairs when his paint begins to chip. No mail is delivered, and Wiggins grows sad. He longs for the day when another family might move into the house and he can feel useful again.

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Richie is surprised when it suddenly goes dark in the middle of the day. Itís not the power because the lights inside the house still work. So what is it? He grabs a flashlight and goes outside, hearing strange, scary sounds in the dark. Should he investigate or go back inside the house where heíll be safe? Richie is curious and wants to learn what is behind the eerie darkness.

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