Melanie Jeyakkumar


Mel is a self-taught artist with an unlimited imagination and more ideas than she can count. She loves bright vibrant colors and has a passion for fantasy art. She is currently doing coloring books and her own series of children's stories, while creating new book covers for Crimson Cloak Publishing.

Her art is available as cross-stitch with Geckorouge:


A lovely coloring book full of crystals, fairies and their animal companions. Have fun learning a little about each fairy while using your imagination to color each picture however you wish!

Also available as pdf version which may be printed out for personal use


Melanie Jeyakkumar

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One of the pictures from this book will feature in Feline Fancies, a Crimson Cloak charity Anthology

Kosmic and Raven are two cats with wings who had never met until one eventful day when an escape attempt goes horribly wrong.  One must rescue the other, but he needs to learn how to fly first!  Will Spirit the unicorn help?  Can Kosmic save his new friend in time? Will Viper, the evil green dragon seek his revenge? Whatever happens, Kosmic and Raven will surely become kitty best friends forever!

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Beautiful book and incredible, extraordinary artwork. I bought this book my 7 year old niece and she loved it. actually everybody in the house loved it.

The story of Kosmic and Raven and the incredible art that Mel creates is simply amazing. the images leave you smiling, they are vibrant, colourful and worth a hundred stars.

looking forward to seeing what Mel does next.

 A Unicorn coloring picture of Mel's features in number eight in the Crimson Cloak range of anthologies published for charities, which contains donated stories and other items on a theme of horses and ponies.


Whether you love horses or just want to support the charity which benefits from the book's royalties, you are sure to enjoy these EQUINE ADVENTURES.


The charity chosen to receive this book's royalties is the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group


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