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Rick's PATCHMAN Fantasy series is published by Crimson Cloak Publishing

Rick Stepp-Bolling, a retired professor of writing from Mt San Antonio College, now resides in Ramona, California, with his wife, Francie, and their collection of rescued animals. He has published four books with a fifth on the way: SMOKE AND MIRRORS (a book of poetry), AUTOCIDE (a collection of short stories), ICARIAN, and his first novel in a fantasy/science fiction series, PATCH MAN, published by Crimson Cloak Publishers. He can be contacted at his website rickstepp-bolling.com.  

Rick Stepp-Bolling

Radio interview with Rick Stepp-Bolling

Also by Rick:
Autocide: Tales From The Unknown Fork In The Road
Smoke and Mirrors
Patch Man

SMOKE AND MIRRORS  by Nuvein Press 2009
AUTOCIDE by Claremont Village Press 2014
BEGGARS CROSSING by Coffee House Writers Group 2013
DARKNESS BREWING by Coffee House Writers Group 2015

Urban Ocean Festival (Sponsored by Aquarium of the Pacific) First Place: 2011, 2012.
Whittier Poetry Contest: First Place, 2011

Poetry: Published by Dirty Dog Press
Statement Magazine (published by CSULA)
Rostrum (published by CCC Academic Senate)

Nuvein on-line magazine
A variety of other small press magazines
Short Stories:
“Fire and Ice”
“The Sorcerer”
“Simon Says”
Nuvein on-line magazine

is a compilation  of the prizewinning and best runner-up stories of 1500-3000 words, based around a stock picture, that were entered in the 2016 Crimson Cloak Publishing short story writing competition.

Rick's story
GRAY RIDERS relates the rescue of bonded riders and their horses from the castle where the evil king seeks to break their "perverted" bond ..

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Rick's stories The Mysterious Case of the Brain Snatchers, and Bob's Story appear in the autumn 2017 anthology Crimson Endings

Endings are a part of life's relentless cycle.
Here is a mixed genre selection of tales reflecting life's mirror.
Murder mysteries, ghost and war stories, fantasy and contemporary, this collection of work from Crimson Cloak Publishing's talented stable of authors offers a variety of reads within the pages of one book.

You won't want it to end!

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A prophecy declares a small child will decide the victory between two countries paralyzed by war...
An old man sells magical patches on the ruined streets of Hagra-Dis when a small, one-armed girl begs him to fix her doll. An Imperial missile blast kills the little girl, Meesha, but Var patches her back to life, and they flee marauding storm troopers. Imperial High Command unleashes Ulan, a formidable assassin and mystic who chases the Patch Man and his ragged band of followers through a labyrinth peopled with powerful beings and monsters. Both the pursued and pursuers find themselves in life or death situations when they encounter the Greeter, a mysterious being who controls the entrance to parallel worlds populating the labyrinth. It is in these domains they discover clues to end the war—with little Meesha as the secret key to ultimate victory and peace.

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Review of PATCH MAN  from http://www.abookidea.com/patchman/


Patchman is a unique story that reveals itself piece by piece as you are introduced to different characters revolving around one little girl and the man she meets on the street selling patches to a now empty town whose inhabitants have either fled or been killed in the Summian/Imperiana war.

At first Var the Patchman and Meesha, the one-armed orphan girl, appear by all intents and purpose to be simply a hawker, hawking his wares and a little girl trying to survive. As she calls out to the man to ask for a patch to mend her doll, they hear a warning whistle of an approaching bomb.

Ducking for cover and barely a few seconds to spare, Var emerges to survey the damage and notices that in the crater where the bomb landed there is mechanical device. The device is a camera, used to record the aftermath of the bombing and return back to the Imperiana with the report.

This fills his heart with dread because Var the Patchman knows that more bombs will soon follow. As he runs to inspect his cart, he sees that the little girl is not moving, and on closer inspection is also not breathing. Var runs to his cart, he selects a patch and quickly runs back to her.

Applying the patch, Var is relieved to see that the little girl soon starts to breathe again. Back at the Imperiana, orders are sent out to either apprehend the girl and now the man who rescued her or kill them both, because as it turns out, little Meesha the one-armed girl who is never without her doll and Var the Patch Man are mentioned in the book of prophecy called the Tel-Amir.

Var returns home with Meesha, only to have his home attacked by guards sent by the captain of the Imperiana army. Having to flee the two are now joined by Zefa, Var’s wife a former assassin and Ka, an Icarian hybrid flyer saved by Var.

In hot pursuit is Ulan, former Lore Mistress now assassin ordered to kill both Meesha and Var and Kerash current Lore Mistress, who is trying to save them. Meesha may or may not be the child in the prophecy, but she does have a lot of hidden talents that surprise the group time and time again and in the end, we see a surprise twist that was not expected.

The Battle For Summia: PATCHMAN II, coming soon:

For Summia, the war against Imperiana has reached the point of desperation. President Gelfson vows to end the fight with the total annihilation of every Summian man, woman and child. Var, the Patch Man, has been trapped inside the Source for seven years, unable to use its magic until now. He knows that Summia’s only hope for survival lies in their ability to recruit warriors from other domains. Meesha, the one-armed teenager, and Ten, the leader of a rebel band, travel to Haba-Yan in search of the Lore Mistress, Kerash, but they find more than they bargained for in the attempt. Meanwhile, the former Imperial assassin, Ulan, has ventured back to the Chunee seeking redemption. What she finds instead may well turn the tide in the final battle for Summia.

Electric Eclectic novelettes were the brainchild of Paul White. They were intended to be taster introductions to an author's body of work, on the same lines as the CRIMSON SHORTS. Like the Crimson Shorts they began as ebooks, and in association with Crimson Cloak Publishing are now looking to make their way into print.

This is Rick’s contribution: Icarian

Ka, half raptor and half man, must undertake three tests to become a member of the elite Icarian Squadron, flyers who dedicate themselves to the destruction of Summia and to an alliance with Imperiana. In order for him to succeed, he must first overcome his own fears, but in the process he discovers how Imperiana has manipulated the trials and Ka's own emotional needs. Captain Harriman, under Imperial command, is ordered to make sure the fledgling flyers bow to Imperiana's control. Will Ka be able to survive the trials and become an Icarian as his father was in the first war between Imperiana and Summia, or will his failure lead to disgrace and exile from the Rookery?

Rick's story  can also be found in Equine Adventures, volume 8 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies.

Number eight in the Crimson Cloak range of anthologies published for charities contains donated stories and other items on a theme of horses and ponies.


Whether you love horses or just want to support the charity which benefits from the book's royalties, you are sure to enjoy these

Harold and Claude Save the World

is Rick's short story in
volume 9 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies for charity, sold in aid of Los Angeles feral cat charity FIXNATION

Harry and the Beta Reader

A Young Adult author wants to try his hand at writing an adult novel, but he has no experience with romance. Desperate, he searches the Internet for a willing beta reader to give him some feedback on his manuscript. The only drawback, she charges $500.00, unless he can find a way to make her fall in love with his main character, an Aussie “James Bond” wannabe detective.

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