Steps in Time

Volume Two of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies is called "Steps in Time". 

This is a collection of short stories by various authors having to do with some aspect of 'time'.

The charity chosen to benefit from all profit made is Alzheimer's Research UK, who fund groundbreaking research internationally.  Their former patron was the late Sir Terry Pratchett.




Remnants of Love, by Roger Bone

A Slip In Time, by Janice Clark

A Man With a Hat, by Jane Finch

Time Goes By, by P J Roscoe

The Road, by Wesley Tallant



Field of Poppies, by Madeline Dow

Christmas Calling, by Jane Finch

Warrior Spirit, by Don Ford

Granny Mae's Journey, by Rodney Page

The Eternal City, by Esma Race

Apartment 5B, by Barbara Weitzner

Diablo Blanco, by Gary Winstead



The Waiting Room, by Ray Daley

The Man Who Created Himself, by T W Embry

Coded, by Elizabeth Grace

Angel, by Rod Martinez

 Machine Language, by Doug Rains

The Exclusion Zone, by Chrystal Vaughan

Cover by Aysha Samrin

Foreword by Susan Brightbill Dahlseid


Alzheimer's disease and Twiddlemuffs (tm) how you can help


Video Trailer for Diablo Blanco, by Gary Winstead:

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