We have many great books in the pipeline, and we are closing submissions until 2019 so that we may concentrate on these.  We will announce it here, when submissions are re-opened.

However, we have two short story anthologies (for charity, unpaid) for which submissions are currently open: read about them below ...

Items with a theme of DRAGONS invited

Inspired by the charitable microloans of KIVA.ORG and a television program where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch to philanthropic millionaires for funding (Dragonsí Den (TM)), the purpose of this book is to  raise funding for ongoing charitable lending, helping people whose economic situation excludes them from mainstream credit facilities, for whom access to only a very small loan can make a huge difference. Follow our Crimson Dragons at kiva,org, and why not join our lending TEAM  and make your own charitable microloans?


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This anthology, number nine, will be for the charity FIXNATION  which helps feral cats.
Submissions on a theme of CATS/kittens invited, but be quick because the book's nearly ready ;)

Feline Fancies is a collection of mixed genre cat-themed short stories and pastimes such as coloring pictures, donated by authors and artists worldwide and sold in support of Los Angeles feral cat non-profit FIXNATION.

A Crimson Cloak anthology for charity, for this volume contributors have been asked to include pictures of their own beloved felines. A book which actually helps cats, for cat lovers everywhere.


We do not accept Erotica.  The only submission requirement is that you include the whole manuscript, so we can determine acceptance based on the full work.  If part of a series, please say so, and how many books are in the series.


When you submit your book to us for consideration to publish, it will take 2-4 weeks, at least, before we are able to look it over.  This is because we currently have many books to be published.  If you do not hear back after 4 weeks, feel free to inquire.


Your book will be read completely from beginning to end, so please submit the whole manuscript.  We cannot judge a book for submission with only part.  We do not take just a Synopsis.  They are great for promotion/publicity information, etc, but they will not help us decide on your book.


Then the submissions person will make a report about your book.  The flow, writing, grammar, sentence structure, storytelling ability and many other things are written in this report.  We do not expect that every story will be 'plausible' to this reality, and we DO accept those books that aren't, as long as all the other 'standards' listed above are there.


We will then send you a couple of sentences as a response.  It will either say something like 'We loved your book, if you are still interested in us publishing it, please respond and we'll send you a contract' OR 'We're sorry, but at this time we do not currently have a place for your book' OR 'We're sorry, but your book is not for us at this time'.  We keep it short because we do not want to waste your time or ours.  If you would like to know WHY your book wasn't accepted, we can provide that information for you, but be prepared, we aren't very good at sugar-coating things.  It is not for the faint of heart.  We aren't mean about it, but we are pretty blunt in what was wrong.  We usually will not include tips for improvement, because it is usually not well received by authors, and we just don't have the time.  Everyone has feelings, and we don't like to disappoint anyone, but we feel we must meet a standard of quality for both new authors and established ones.


If your book is accepted, we consider you part of the family.  We deeply care for our authors, and we do not charge you a dime.  We take a cut of your royalties (about 50%).  We consider you one of our 'children' and we want the very best for our children.  However, we do NOT want you to act like children.  You can consider this an equal partnership.  We get your book ready for publishing and put it up for sale in our store and at Ingram.  We advertise via Facebook/Twitter, e-mail, our website, groups, etc.  We expect you to do your part by WORD OF MOUTH.  This includes your own Facebook/Twitter as well as in-person.  If you skip the 'in person' part, you can expect limited to no sales of your books.  Marketing is a full-time job for each book, and we do not have the people or time to do it for each of you.  That is why we expect you'll do your part.  Steps of publishing are below:



  1. Once your book is accepted and has awaited its turn in the Q, it will then go to the editor.  The editor is diligent, and does fact-checking, and different versions of spellings of different words for US English vs. UK English.  Editor will also add his/her questions and comments on storylines and anything they just can't find (through editing manuals, and research) to the sidelines of your manuscript document.

a. About this time, we will try to get you in touch with our in-house Artist.  She's very talented and has a wide range of skills.

  2. The editor will then send an (ebook) .pdf version of the document to you for answers to questions and for you to fully look over the edits and comments.  Once you, the author, has done this (and it may require going back and forth a few times, or more, depending on the complexities), then it will be sent to the format/layout person for print formatting.      

b. About this time, we get the cover art back from the artist for you to approve/make changes.  

  3. The Format/Layout person will use their extensive knowledge to align the book for print (inside margins will be bigger than outside margins), format the book (setting up style and type font) and layout (spacing, where things appear in the book, etc).  She/he will also add the Publishers Publication in Data information, which constitutes author, page count, and keywords to describe the book.     

c. About this time, the cover art will be uploaded to the printer to make sure everything is in alignment for printing.  Once approved, the back cover text/logos will be added.  

  4. Carly will then send the .pdf of THIS print version to you, the author, for approval.  You must be VERY thorough to check through this, as once printed, it takes days and energy to fix after it has been approved for print.  It also results in a complete drop-off in sales, because customers have been notified of your book being for sale, yet when they go look for it, it is longer there. In your contract it states that once a book has been published, if you decide to make changes at THAT point, you will be required to pay a revision fee.  That's why it is SO important to check the final draft sent to you.

  5. Once you approve your book for print, Carly will upload all of it to the various places.  Print will be published when it is available to do so on Ingram.  It takes 24 hours from this upload for them to review it, and once they do, it can be published.  Once it has been published, it can take 2-4 weeks for it to appear on Amazon and all the other outlets they make the book available to.  

  6. Ingram usually has a free period or two every year, where they allow books to be added to them for free. We will be putting print (paperback) versions on at this time ONLY.  Otherwise Ingram charges $50 for print and eBook (together) for a title to be added, and right now we just can't do that.  eBook will be published as soon as we have a cover for your book on Kindle, and Smashwords for GiveAways and promos.

  7. You, the author, can always order copies of your paperback through CCP for a 40-50% discount.  You must make an account at our store, Carly will receive notification that you have, then she will enable your account for your discount, and you can purchase your books at that time.  The discount is permanent, so you can do it again anytime you wish.  CCP has a few different printers we use for printing your books, and we'll use the cheapest one overall.

  8. Some information on Outlets where your books will be made available should you become an author.  Through Ingram:


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