The Winners of the 2016 Crimson Cloak short story writing competition, along with a selection of the best runners-up, are presented here in a compilation volume entitled THE RIDER.

Writers were asked to write a story of 1500-3000 words based around a stock picture showing a hooded rider in a fantasy landscape.  The standard was so high that judging proved very difficult: in fact, first prize was a tie between talented writers
Dawn McCracken and Ricky German. Third prize was won by David A. Jones, after a tiebreak involving authors James Bruce and Denna Holm.

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You can read the
Best of the Rest here.
 Victims of Vanity, Ricky German JOINT FIRST PRIZE

The Crimson Crown,

Of Malice and Magic,
David A. Jones  THIRD PRIZE

The Good Exile's Grub, by
 James Bruce

Spirit Ride,
Denna Holm

The Awakening,
Nikki Broadwell

What You Wish For
Keith and Jess Flaherty

Ruby's Return
Rosalyn Kelly

The Switch,
Debbie Proulx

Tor Donnach,
D.J. Reid

Gray Riders,
Rick Stepp-Bolling

Lady Shalamaine, Veronica Taylor

Tineria, Paul Thurston

Nikki Broadwell

Nikki Broadwell is an army brat and has lived in many places during her life. Her writing comes from the fantasy life she created at a very young age. She spent a lot of time alone, for which she is eternally grateful, since her imagination was allowed to take off. In nature has always been where she is most comfortable, and most of her books contain one or more of her opinions regarding Mother Earth. These days she lives in the Arizona desert and spends a lot of time walking trails in back of her house. Her view from the picture window in her living room is of the Catalina Mountains. This magical landscape is what inspired her Coyote shapeshifting series.

Also by this author:
Wolfmoon series:
Moonstone-Book 1, Willow-Book 2, Raven-Book 3, Faery-Book 4
Gypsy series: A Time Traveling Romance
Gypsy's Quest-Book 1, Gypsy's Return-Book 2, Gypsy's Secret-Book 3
Coyote series:
Just Another Desert Sunset, Coyote Sunrise
Summer McCloud paranormal murder series:
Murder in Plain Sight, Saffron and Seaweed, Black and White and Red all over, Finlay's Folly
 The Bridge
Time Gap
A Witch in Time Saves Nine


Rosalyn Kelly

 Rosalyn Kelly grew up in the magical New Forest in the south of England and has lived around the UK, as well as in the Middle East and travelled all over the world.  She studied English Literature and Language at Oxford Brookes University before embarking on a PR and marketing career.  After ten years she quit her high flying job, went travelling for four months and has been writing ever since, recently completing the first novel of her epic fantasy trilogy, the inspiration for which came when she was trekking in the mountains of Nepal’s stunning Annapurna Sanctuary.  When she’s not putting her heart and soul into book two, she writes short stories, daydreams about where to travel to next, paints with acrylic, reads voraciously and obsesses over fashion and make up, writing a beauty blog. 
Ruby’s Return is her first short story.


Debbie Proulx


Debby Proulx was born Debby Mitchell, tomboy extraordinaire, her first love was a horse, and her second was writing. Debby completed two years of college studying Equine Management. She flitted around from job to job until she was captured and married.  

She currently resides in Northern Alberta with her husband and her two children. Her children were successfully raised from embryos, and with much more difficulty than potatoes. She has moved seven times in the last twelve years. Recently blessed with two  

granddaughters she is obtaining her masters in Splendiferous Grandmotherhood. Debby is on the writing path, currently working on a novel and a multitude of short stories. Sometimes writing is like an itch she can't quite scratch. No worries though, she says it's not contagious.

D. J. Reid

D.J. Reid lives by the sea in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland. She enjoys walking on the shore and through the haunted streets of the old city. She loves books in every genre, but especially fantasy, psychological thrillers and ghost stories and has no desire to be delivered from ghoulies and ghosties, long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night. She also loves history, mythology, the countryside and animals and has been owned by a number of cats.

Her first novel "Shadowfest", the story of a Mage called Morven, set in an ancient Celtic world, will be published soon.

Paul Thurston
 Paul Thurston lives in Norfolk, England, with his wonderful and understanding wife and very demanding cat. He has accumulated numerous creative writing qualifications over the years but has only very recently started writing short stories with the aim of getting them published, having had some modest success so far. He is also working on a fantasy novel which he hopes one day to actually finish.